In today’s increasingly competitive business world, academic institutions and corporations must seek innovative and efficient methods to deliver knowledge and training. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Archie Kleingartner, Emeritus Professor of Management and Policy Studies at UCLA, Global Window Partners provides business content to universities and multi-national corporations via live, online and blended programs. Through our vast library of online business modules, GWP has helped universities and corporations meet the challenges of the new digital learning paradigm.

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Global Window Partners (GWP) is a leading provider of business and management e-learning content meeting the needs of global higher educational institutions and corporate customers. GWP delivers high quality and relevant instructional content from the teachings of top university educators and globally seasoned field professionals. Via an intuitive and simple-to-use Web interface, our mission is to provide the best course content in various fields of business and management and make it accessible to a global audience.


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